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The Dome

Type: Digital Fabrication/ Associative modelling Institution: IAAC Barcelona Studio: Digital Tectonics, group project Tutor: Marta Male Alemany Year: 2007 Digital model of the dome was developed in Top Solid. A simple model controlling the overall geometry was a base for almost 1200 triangular components, which were inserted and […]

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WF_101 PARAMETRIC MODELLING AND CAM TECHNOLOGIES Location:  Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture Dates: November 2009 – February 2010 Tutors: Krzysztof Gornicki,  Dorota Kabala, Krystian Kwiecinski, Agata Kycia, Michal Piasecki Description: The seminar taught by co-founders of WF aimed at introducing principles of parametric […]

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House Wrap

Type: Assosiative Design Research Institution: IAAC Barcelona Design: Krzysztof Gornicki, Agata Kycia Year: 2007 HOUSE WRAP is a customized summer house design driven by the needs of its future inhabitants. Design is inspired by the art of paper folding, exploring three-dimensional qualities of folded planes. Building geometry is driven by […]

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