Haikou Tower

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architecture, ecotect, panelization, parametric modelling, PROJECTS, rhinoscript, structure

Type: High-Rise

Area: 384.000 m²

Location: Hainan, CN

Design: HENN

Status: Best 1st Prize

Client: Hainan Airlines

Role: Building & Facade Design, Masterplan & Landscape

The 450m tall Haikou Tower is a centerpiece of the masterplan in the new Central Business District of Haikou, the capital city of Hainan, a tropical island in the South China Sea. Form and structure have been directly influenced by the program requirements and the drive for a highly efficient structural scheme. The occupant’s needs for large and flexible office spaces on the lower floors and an unobstructed view from the hotel rooms on the upper levels have led to a shift of the cross-bracing system at the boundary between the two functions.

The shift in systems occurs at the hotel lobby area in the form of a large outrigger truss. This truss is purposefully exposed and integrated into the architecture to articulate a multistory high atrium on the upper floors and to provide a clear distinction between functions and structural systems.

The facade system reacts to differing sunlight conditions depending on the building’s orientation. The proposed facade achieves this with a panel unit system which is divided into two parts – an upper opaque part that blocks sunlight and a lower transparent part.The continuous differentiation of the facade harmoniously blends with the large-scale structure of the tower.(text from HENN)

cc-henn-studyimagesresponsivefacade11HaikouTowerHENN-08.jpgcc-henn-haikoufassade3d2Cooperation PartnersChina IPPR, ARUP, Parsons Brinckerhoff, FRONT, Konstruct West Partners





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