The Dome

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Ansys, Associative modelling, digital fabrication, folding, lasercutting, parametric modelling, PROJECTS

Type: Digital Fabrication/ Associative modelling

Institution: IAAC Barcelona

Studio: Digital Tectonics, group project

Tutor: Marta Male Alemany

Year: 2007

Digital model of the dome was developed in Top Solid. A simple model controlling the overall geometry was a base for almost 1200 triangular components, which were inserted and unfolded into other associated files. Thus every single change in the preliminary shape was followed by new series of 2d shapes ready for lasercutting.


The base model was also linked to the structural analysis in Ansys testing the performance of the dome, what allowed for adjusting the shape accordingly. Below you can see a 3D pront of the final geometry coloured accordingly to the structural analysis.

Design process took 3 weeks of work in 5 specialized groups (modelling, fabrication etc.), while the whole fabrication was done during one week.

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