Designed by light

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architecture, ecotect, parametric modelling, processing, PROJECTS, radiance, rhinoscript

Type: Data-driven Design research

Status: Master Thesis

Institution: TU Delft

Year: 2010

This project investigates the potential of real-time simulations in the conceptual stage of the design process. A case study for this exploration is a museum of contemporary art in Warsaw; an annex of the Center for Contemporary Art located in the Ujazdów Castle.

Position of every function is determined through a dynamic system of correlations between different programs and urban context. One of the most suitable configurations is then chosen as a base for formative processes. Rather than interpreting each data point as a structural node, the geometry is created around them.

Crystal-like modules are generated based on the reference point ana a vector related to the sun circulation on the site on a year-round cycle. Components are positioned and proportioned according to the requirement od each space in order to provide optimal lighting conditions. Light becomes the form defining element of all the exhibition areas.

The final project consists of five crystal-like volumes organized around a central courtyard. Numerous galleries embedded in the landscape engage the visitors through indoor and outdoor exhibition areas. Museum offers exceptional environment for manifestation of contemporary art, where light and atmosphere are constantly changing throughout the whole year.

Computational techniques used for the form finding process define a multiplicity of light shafts oriented and shaped according to the studies of the sun circulation on the site on a year-round cycle.

Development of the project consists of different analytical stages:

1) a Processing simulation distributing functions and light openings along the site, depending on their requirements in terms of noise, sun exposure, accessibility and views.

2) parametric studies in Rhinoscript investigating geometrical potential of the light shafts

3) environmental studies in Ecotect and Radiance analyzing light conditions in different times of the day throughout the whole year


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