Big Data Visualisation

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Dates: SoSe 2019

Institution: TU Berlin, CHORA: Conscious City

Supervision PIV: Agata Kycia (as part of the Design Studio SUPPLY CHAIN URBANISM  supervised by prof. Raoul Bunschoten, Moritz Maria Karl and Georg Hubmann)

PIV seminar was part of the SUPPLY CHAIN URBANISM design studio: Belt and Road as global test bed II. This plug-in course focused on Big Data mapping, parametric design strategies, geodata and information modelling. Students learned parametric design tools for visualisation and materialisation of complex data structures. Two-dimensional maps showing geodata related to climate crisis were translated into three-dimensional sculptural globes, fabricated with the help of the 3D printing technology.

Results of the course was exhibited during the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft in 2019 at the TU Berlin.


Pic. Final presentation of the design studio Supply Chain Urbanism, CHORA Conscious City TU Berlin / 3D printed globes in the PIV Seminar


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