DRX 2012

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3D print, architecture, digital fabrication, exhibition, GSA, high-rise, minimal paths, research, Surface Evolver

The exhibition in the Dog Ear Films studio Berlin took place on the 7th September 2012 and presented results of  Design Research Exchange 2012– a residency program for researchers hosted by HENN. During the eight-week long workshops we were working in mixed teams from various fields including architecture, engineering and mathematics. The topic of the research was Minimal Surface High-Rise Structures.


More information about the event you can find on facebook, on the Studio B website or in the article “Die Intelligenz der Seifenblase: Wolkenkratzer mit minimierten Oberflächen” published by Detail magazine.

DRX2012-02.jpgDRX2012-01.jpg[Photos by Rainer Sladek]

drx results

[Visualisations of different Prototowers by 3 teams]

MinimalPathComputation-DRX2012-10.jpg[3D printed models of different Prototowers by 3 teams]

8rvofywq3qxwrgaw[and here the team N_03 at work : ) photo by Moritz Fleischmann]

DRX 2012 TEAM:

Moritz Fleischmann & Martin Henn (HENN)

Prof. Dr. Gunter Henn (TU Dresden, HENN)
Prof. Dr. Toni Kotnik (ETHZ, Uni Innsbruck)
Prof. Dr. Konrad Polthier (FU Berlin)
Prof. Dr. Patrick Teuffel (TU Eindhoven, Teuffel Engineering Consultants)

Hannes Lechner (Uni Innsbruck)
Sunghyun Park (HENN)
Faniry Razafindrazaka (FU Berlin)
Michael Mühlhaus (TU München)
Nils Seifert (TU München)
Agata Kycia (HENN)
Danae Polyviou (TEUFFEL Engineering Consultants)
Anna Wawrzinek (FU Berlin)

Nora Graw (HENN) & Sarah Roberts (HENN)

WORKSHOPS: Peter Debney (Oasys)
JURORS: Tobias Nolte (Gehry Technologies), Mirko Becker (Städelschule Frankfurt)
Alex Reddihough (ARUP), Prof.- Dr. Daniel Lordick (TU Berlin, TU Dresden),Eva Hinkers (ARUP)


Geometry Gym

Detail Research

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