Paul Klein-Centre

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Type: Science

Area: 9 500 m²

Location: Mainz, DE

Design: HENN

Status: Current

Client: Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz

Role: Facade Design

The new complex for the Paul Klein-Centre for Immune Intervention on the campus of the University Hospital Mainz is the first of three phases of construction for a new research facility. The complex consists of six modules linked by glazed bridges and is arranged in a series of parallel wings at right angles to a transverse block which open towards the slightly downward sloping grounds and concisely define this end of the University Hospital.

The architectural concept is designed to fulfil the requirements of a state-of-the-art laboratory building. Suites of laboratories grouped according to their intended use on all floors of the laboratory zone have the flexibility to react to changing work flows. Central communication areas offer space for scientific exchanges.

The different shades of grey in the facades and varying storey heights of each building create a lively, striking arrangement which is clearly recognisable within the complex. The inclined set-back plinth and the varying window formats extend over all elements of the buildings and break up the overall stringency of the compact volume. (text from HENN)

FINALL_happy_lab_web.jpgPaulKleinCentre-05.jpgPaulKleinCentre-07.jpgPaulKleinCentre-01.jpg(pic. facade design)

PaulKleinCentre-12.jpgPaulKleinCentre-04.jpg(pic. construction process)

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