Dotted tiles

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Ceramic tiles, Ceramics, experimental prototyping, Furniture Design, Material studies, parametric pattern, patterns, PROJECTS

Handmade ceramic tiles designed by combining analog techniques such as clay forming and screenprinting with digital techniques for creating seamless patterns. This collection consists of three different triangular tiles which can be freely composed to create endless configurations. It is inspired by an older design of ceramic tiles which won the TILE AWARD 2017  initiated by AGROB BUCHTAL in collaboration with AIT- Dialog.

A selection of different tiles was used to create 50x50cm large plates for coffee tables. A single tile has a shape of 45°-45°-90° right triangle – half of a square, thus there are plenty of possible configurations. Below you can see two handmade tables with metal with a different tile pattern framed by thin steel structure welded by hand.

Pic. Handmade coffee tables with metal frame and different arrangement of ceramic tiles

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