Digital knitting

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Active materials, CNC-knitting, digital design, digital fabrication, experimental prototyping, GH, knitting, Material form-finding, Material studies, parametric design, parametric modelling, patterns, Programming Materials, prototyping, research by design, Rhino Grasshoper, teaching, textile research, textiles, Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin

Course: DIGITALE WERKZEUGE: CAD/CAM II, 2017 / weissensee kunsthochschule berlin
Supervison: Agata Kycia
Supervison Knitting: Veronika Groß
Students: Katrin Bergner, Sophie Schmidt, Pamina Weiß, Otto Lemme, Elena Eulitz, Eva Reischl, Xingwen Pan, Hannah Lu Verse, Sophia Köllmer, Christin-Luisa Amann, Esther Kaya Stögerer, Carolin Rüllich, Katja Riley, Yutian Zhou, Gregory Krouse, Stephanie Traut

The course DIGITALE WERKZEUGE: CAD/CAM II is an introduction to parametric modeling and digital fabrication. The emphasis is put on the creative use of digital design tools and computer-aided form-finding processes. Students learn algorithmic design and modelling strategies with Rhinoceros 3D Grasshoper.
Every semester we experiment with different materialisation methodology and manufacturing method such as lasercutting, 3D printing, CNC-milling. This semester we focused on 3D printing and digital knitting.

KHB-Digital Tools II SS17-00.JPGPic. Final presentation of the results, photo by A. Kycia

GH Punch-Card
In order to extend the possibilities of the analogue knitting process, students developed parametric punch-cards. Created patterns are set up as dynamic Grasshoper models and allow for experimentation with complex, non-repetitive stitch configurations. These patterns are then automatically translated into punch-card codes, lasercut and knitted into two various samples. The first tests are knitted with black and white wool, while the second approach uses schrinking fibers. These fibers schrink with the heat and allow the knitted textiles to deform into three-dimensional fabrics.

KHB-Digital Tools II SS17-01.jpg

Pic. GH Punch card by K. Bergner, S. Traut, E.K. Stögerer, P. Weiss

The GH Punch cards can knit patterns any size exceeding limitations of the analogue knitting machine, while the parametric design tool enhances flexibility, creativity and experimentation in the early design phase.

KHB-Digital Tools II SS17-02.jpg

Puic. Knitted patterns by K. Bergner, S. Traut, E.K. Stögerer, P. Weiss

KHB-Digital Tools II SS17-04.jpg

Pic. Knitted patterns by E. Eulitz, H. L. Verse, Ch. Amann

KHB-Digital Tools II SS17-03

Pic. Knitted patterns by X. Pan, Y. Zhou, S. Köllmer

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