Digital Tools –CAD-CAM I

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Dates: Wintersemester 2016/2017

Institution: Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin, Textil- und Flächendesign

Tutor: Agata Kycia

Students:  Charlotte Ackermann, Christin-Luisa Amann, Katrin Bergner, Elena Eulitz, Lena Ganswindt, Judith Gebhardt, Ben Gladki, Eunseo Kim, Gregory Krouze, Sophia Köllmer, Otto Lemme, Liina Leo,  Ayscha Zarina Omar, Xingwen Pan, Eva Reischl, Joanna Marie Richter, Katja Riley, Carolin Rüllich, Sophie Schmidt, Esther Kaya Stögerer, Mayo Takakura, Stephanie Traut, Pamina Weiß, Hannah Lu Verse, Yutian Zhou

digitale werkzeuge-presentation.jpg

This annual course is an introduction into NURBS-based modeling in Rhino and digital fabrication. Students learn basics of geometrical representation and 3D modeling in Rhino, its functionality as a design, modeling, presentation and analysis tool. Second part of the course focuses on computer-aided manufacturing processes, exploring potentials and limitations of various fabrication techniques.

This time we focus on laser cutting and 3-axis CNC-milling. We develop geometric patterns inspired by systems found in nature and re-interpret them in various ways, always taking advantage of chosen manufacturing technique, tools and materials.



Natural systems and their geometrical interpretations

Fabrication method 01_Lasercutting

Lasercut-KatjaRileyAschaOmar3.jpg(Inspiration image (left), lasercut model(right) by Katja Riley and Ayscha Zarina Omar)

Lasercut-CharlotteAckermann32.jpg(Inspiration image (left), lasercut model(right) by Charlotte Ackermann)

Fabrication method 02: 3-axis CNC-Milling

fräsen2.jpg(given CNC-milled surface divided into 12 segments)

WeissenseeFräsen-AKycia-11a.jpg(further exploration of the three-dimensional reliefs)

weissenseefrasen-akycia-25weissenseefrasen-akycia-16(model by Katrin Bergner)

weissenseefrasen-akycia-28weissenseefrasen-akycia-23(model by Ben Gladki, Judith Gebhardt)

weissenseefrasen-akycia-18weissenseefrasen-akycia-20(model by Charlotte Ackermann)

weissenseefrasen-akycia-24(model by Pamina Weiß)

weissenseefrasen-akycia-17(model by Otto Lemme, Gregory Krouze)

weissenseefrasen-akycia-13cnc-fräsenKatjaRileyAschaOmar2.jpg(model by Katja Riley, Ayscha Zarina Omar)

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