DRX 2013 Exhibition opening as part of the Design Modelling Symposium, Berlin

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3D print, architecture, digital fabrication, engineering, exhibition, height-active structures, high-rise, research, structure

The Design Research Exchange (DRX) initiated by HENN in Berlin provides an open platform to unite experts from various fields, promoting multi-disciplinary discussion between academics and professionals.



DRX 2013 takes place from the 22nd of July to the 13th of September at HENN in Berlin. This time researchers continue to investigate innovative lightweight structures for the design of high-rise buildings. The team consists of architects, structural engineers and mathematitians.

The aim of DRX 2013 is to combine visual structural feedback into the high-rise-design process and test the capabilities of working with nets as the foundation for conceptual design tools. the team looks into various techniques to “visualize” forces in nets: from graphical methods of calculating forces, to methods derived from natural systems such as the SKO method & force triangles.

Results of this years research are showcased during the Exhibition Opening at HENN Berlin on the 30th of September 2013. The exhibition is part of the official programme of the Design Modelling Symposium 2013  / Rethinking Prototyping.

dms[DMSB2013, introductory lecture by Prof. Dr. -Ing. Cristoph Gengnagel from UdK Berlin]

DMS2013-vbnet[DMSB2013, MC II – Scripting @ Grasshoper, Instructors: Martin Schroth, Steffen Riegas, Participants, picture by Martin Schroth ]

1380056_365395933592343_53710665_n[DRX 2013 Exhibition Opening, HENN Berlin, photo by Daria mcWilliams]


More about the DRX 2013 you can find on the HENN website or on facebook.

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